Social Media 101


Let’s Get Started: Social Media 101 For Business If you look at Social Media by the numbers, the top 4 ranking sites are based on monthly visitors. If you are just starting your social media presence and you have nothing, I recommend these 4 things. Whether you do one of them or all 4, it is up to you. Just remember the internet is also a numbers game. Monthly visitors/number…

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Do You Understand The Millennial Mindset


Research shows that “The Millennial” generation now surpasses The “Baby Boomers” in population. This is extremely important information to know especially if you are in marketing, advertising and sales . I am a baby boomer who has similar behavior patterns of a millennial.  I took a quiz on the Pew Research Site and scored an 89 out of a possible 100. This is a fantastic resource for statistics for various…

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My Search Engine Results Stink


My Search Engine Results Stink For My two Websites  My website, Talk 2 Midori is brand new and the domain is a few years old. It is geared towards social media, content creation, branding and marketing.  2. My life coaching website,  Midori Miller hasn’t seen new content since 2015. For years you would find real estate, web 2.0, training and coaching information there. My style is personal writings: Stories with…

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